First United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 24, 2019
By Our Actions We Will Share Christ's Love
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Extended Table



Our Church hosts the Extended Table every third Thursday of the month.The Extended Table
is not only for the homeless.  Many of those attending each night have a job, but for
what ever reason, need a warm meal.  Those in attendance not only include men and
women, but an occasional family needing fed as well.  With the struggling economic times,
our numbers just keep getting larger and larger.  In the past year, we have gone
from serving 40-50 people to 75-90 during the winter months!
Thanks to all of you who have lent a helping hand by preparing and/or serving those
in need in need these past few months
Lift Up is actually the organization that oversees the Extended Table. You can contact them at 625-4496 and/or to ask about a free evening or other groups that may need additional volunteers.
*As part of our congregation, if you would like to volunteer, please contact Jamie Darien at 379-3077 and/or