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By Our Actions, We will Share Christ’s Love!”


– MEN’S BREAKFAST – Fri, Aug 23
 Tues, Aug 27


DON’T BLOW YOUR TOP (PINGS) – If you signed up to bring Sundae toppings, this Sunday is the day!  Carol Dickson will be providing ice cream and judging by the list there will be an abundance of treats to put on top.  Who says you can’t have ice cream sundaes for lunch?  Thanks to everyone.

WE NEED SOMEONE IN THE NURSERY – WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO COVER THIS SUNDAY? Due to Solveig’s fall, we need someone/people to care for the kids ages infant-4 years during worship services.  She (and we) are hoping she’ll be able to come back in 4-6 weeks.  There will be a signup sheet in back of Bethel, or call or email the office, if you’re interested.  You don’t need to commit to the entire time, one week would be great!  If you are willing to cover this Sunday, Aug 18, please email or call the office by Thurs afternoon.  THANK YOU!!

SUNDAE SUNDAY AND VBS CELEBRATION, Aug 18  – Please plan to join us this Sunday for a special celebration of our Vacation Bible School in addition to the regular worship service, with sundaes after the service (yes, the ice cream kind) to continue the celebration!

MEN’S’ BREAKFAST – join us for discussion and fellowship at the Valley View Hospital cafeteria at 7:30 a.m on Fri, Aug 23.

PICTURE BOOKS FOR MEMORY PATIENTS Mission group will meet onTues, Aug 27 from 9:30-2:30.  Come for a little while or all day!  If you do come for the entire time, bring your lunch.

WOODY WOULD LIKE TO SHARE HIS APRICOTS – Shirley called the office to let anyone who might be interested know that the trees are overflowing and available for the picking at 401 Yale Circle.  Just go to the door, identify that you are with the church, and pick ’til you drop!  She has ladders but BYOB (bring your own bag).

DO YOU HAVE MAGAZINES WITH PICTURES you could donate to our Picture Books for Memory Patients mission?  We specifically need pictures of ranch scenes, cars, trucks, antiques, the seasons, or holidays.  We have lots in other categories but could really use the ones mentioned.  The pictures should be fairly large, with no advertising.  Please tear or cut them out of the magazines and bring them to the office or to Molly at Sunday worship service.  These books are extremely well liked and are rotated among seven different facilities!


Hello Friends,

Don’t we all wish we knew what the outcome of our decisions would be? There have been times in my life where I’ve desperately wished someone would sidle up to me and say something like: “If you were my sister, my Mom, my best friend, my loved one…THIS is what I would recommend…”. This feeling is especially strong when I’m making BIG decisions … especially life-altering decisions.

I think that God’s second-greatest gift to us, (after unlimited, unconditional love of course), is free-will – the ability to make choices. I find that it’s an incredibly difficult gift to use at times. While it’s truly comforting to think that God has a detailed plan for each of our lives, free-will and the ‘choosing’ that goes along with it tend to frame life as a product of the choices we make rather than choices God makes. Looking at it that way, I’ve learned to consider my life’s journey as a tiny portion of God’s dream for all of us. This perspective put’s God’s will in the position of guiding us ALL like a shepherd with their flock of sheep. My job, as one of the flock, is to try to discern where the shepherd wants us to go and what my part in that larger journey requires.

In my attempts to discern where my shepherd wants me, I start with the fact that I believe that God’s dream for us includes: wholeness, balance, healing (salvation) and hope. As Jesus said, “I have come that [you] may have life, and live it abundantly…”. John 10:10 From that point, it gets a little harder!

Starting out, let’s acknowledge a complication: as much as I may wish things worked differently, being a person of faith does not exclude me from illness, aging, and sometimes, even the consequences of having made some really STUPID decisions over the course of my life.  Ahhh yes, even Pastor’s stumble… So, given our flawed human nature, how do we determine what choices our shepherd hopes we’ll make?

Well, we’ve got to start with learning … education! We’ll never make the choices God hopes for if we don’t learn what God’s overall hopes for all of humanity are! How will I know how I should respond when someone slaps my face if I haven’t read The Sermon on the Mount? (“… turn the other cheek …”) When I’ve determined that someone really has it in for me, what should I do? (“… love your enemy …) The list goes on and on …

Reading the Bible isn’t always easy. We’re reading the spiritual insights of people who lived thousands of years ago in a part of the world most of us have never seen! Culture, customs, language, and social setting all play a part in what they wrote and how we understand what they wrote! So it’s important that we not be afraid to ask for help – in understanding the Bible, and in putting our conclusions into practice.

Remember, we’re part of a group of dearly loved humans being “shepherded” by someone who has a direction in mind. We don’t have to know the ultimate destination – just how to understand the shepherd’s call to us when we have the option of drifting off his path. So, when we’re worried about outcomes … remember that the shepherd is always with us and everything will come out fine!

As long as we remember to listen!

Wishing you peace and hope today!
Pastor Carol

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August 18 Reminders

GREETERS:  Phyllis and Bill Coleman
USHERS:  Bill Cook and Denise Acee
COMMUNION PREP:  Lori and Martin Kollman, Connie Geiman
REFRESHMENTS:  Sundae Sunday, Carol Dickson

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Peggy Sewell and the Sewell family on Bob’s passing
Comfort and strength to Solveig Jacobson
Healing prayers for Betty Goode after her successful surgery
Healing prayers for George Fuller
Prayers for strength and comfort for Peggy Fuller
Victims, family, and friends of those affected by violence and terrorism
Prayers for healing and strength for Brian Thomoff (friend of the Cooks)
Comfort and strength to Savannah (Marilyn’s grand daughter)
Healing and comfort for Joel Shute after a rafting accident
Traveling prayers for all those traveling to or from.
Baby Thoran Rinehart and his family for comfort and faith dealing with his many ongoing health issues
Aaron Shute for healing of his foot after an accident
Stacie, Betty Patrick-Rubish’s daughter, who is having health issues
Cedric Talbert during his battle with leukemia
Individuals, family, and friends of our church family who are in need of healing and comfort from health concerns
United States:  Spartanburg Methodist College, Spartanburg, SC
Kenya: Riruta United Women’s Empowerment Programme, Mother to Child–increasing services and advocacy for women in Nairobi to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
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God is at work because of it!
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