– UMW BOOK CLUB- begins meeting-Parlor-Sep 26,Th, 9:30-11:00am
– BIBLE STUDY Cancelled Tuesday, Oct 15th-Will resume Oct 22
– KNITTING MINISTRY- at June Robinson’s-Oct 3, Th 2-4

– MEN’S BREAKFAST –Oct 18-Friday 7:30 am Valley View Hospital
-TRUNK OR TREAT FUN DAY, Oct 20, 4-6 pm
-UNITED METHODIST WOMEN- OCT 24 9:30 AM-3:00  Join us Christmas Holiday Memory Books 
-CHURCH CONFERENCE-Dec 4, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm United Methodist Women will provide Refreshments.


WE NEED SOMEONE IN THE NURSERY –  Due to Solveig’s fall, we need someone/people to care for the kids ages infant-4 years during worship services.  There is a signup sheet in back of the Sanctuary, or call or email the office, if you’re interested.  You don’t need to commit to the entire time, one week would be great!

SEARCHING FOR JESUS -LUKE – Starting in October, we will begin a journey of discovery–striving to understand the foundations of Christian faith–the Bible’s message about Jesus and the beginning of the Christian church. On Oct 20  we will talk about the book of Luke.  What perspective makes Luke “the Gospel to the Greeks? Did you know Luke is the first two related books in the Bible? What does Luke contain more than any other Gospel?

MEN’S BREAKFAST-Oct 18 Friday 7:30 am Valley View Hospital

TRUNK OR TREAT FUN DAY-OCT 20-4-6 pm  There’ll be trick or treating carnival games, hot dog roast, and s’mores! Please sign up to help sign up sheets in the back of the church.

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN– Oct 24 9:30 am -3:00 Join us to make Christmas Holiday Memory Books. Bethel Chapel

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN-Collecting gently used men’s gloves and socks. Please drop off by coat rack.

 CHURCH CONFERENCE-Dec 4, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm Please make plans to attend. United Methodist Women will provide refreshments.

What does a church do? That might seem like an easy question, but in reality, there are several answers. The one that I think occurs to most people first is that churches are where people meet Jesus and decide to follow him. You bet! I think that, in reality, that’s the ultimate thing that a church is supposed to do.

However, it’s not so easy deciding how “being the church” helps make that happen. There are a variety of ways that pop to mind – creating an environment where music and learning coincide and people can grow in their understanding and (possibly) commitment to following Christ; communicating the values and beliefs we’ve developed as followers of Jesus through our treatment of others; providing a place to raise children and grandchildren so that they can learn the foundational stories and beliefs that have shaped our own lives.

While all three of the actions in the preceding paragraph are important, I think that the most essential is the second … how we treat people when we encounter them and the values and beliefs that support our actions.

When Carol and I planned to move from Albuquerque to the Denver area in 1991, we brought our family up to stay in a motel and attend church on a Sunday. We actually made it to three different worship services on the same day! At every one of them, someone greeted us warmly and offered to show us around. Our kids were escorted to a Sunday school room and then brought back to us after the service was over. We were made to feel like valued and loved visitors – even though they had no idea who we were!

Contrast that with something that happened quite a few years ago in a different church. A few days after my first Easter Sunday there, I got a letter in the mail addressed to Pastor. When I opened it, my heart sank a bit. It was from a man who had visited the church on Easter. He was very nice and complimentary about the preaching and music … but then he related how he had gone into the coffee/fellowship area and got a cup of coffee. He said he stood around for about 10 minutes by himself drinking his coffee – and not one person spoke to him. People were so busy visiting with their friends and family that they didn’t look around and recognize “the stranger” who was looking for some sense of acceptance.

The churches our family visited in 1991 were truly “being the church.” The church I was pastoring when the visitor was ignored at Easter was closer to being a country club than a church. I can assure you that by the time Carol and I moved on to another ministry setting, that church knew how to be welcoming and valuing of people seeking acceptance and a place to call their spiritual point of connection.

Last Sunday we heard from two people how important it is to let people know that we care about them – whether it is at a time they have attended worship or through our actions in expressing care and love for them in other ways. It makes a difference – sometimes a life-altering difference!

Earlier in this note, I chose one of three actions as most important … because without it we will never get the chance to ‘set the table’ during a worship service for personal interaction with Jesus. We will never teach a child or grandchild because their parents or grandparent didn’t find anything to make them feel welcome, accepted, and valued.

Jesus never taught a Bible study. He never sang a hymn. He repeatedly put others at ease through his gentleness and willingness to listen and accept someone ‘at face value.’ Jesus never said. “Sit tight in your building and wait for people to come to you.’” He did say, “Go into all the world and spread the Good News.” As we move deeper into autumn and prepare for Advent and eventually Christmas, let’s make sure we cherish each opportunity to meet someone and share the joy of living with Christ at life’s center. Hopefully, this will happen at least as often OUTSIDE the church as it will INSIDE it.

What does a church do? It loves everyone, always, just as they are.Just like Jesus did. See you in church.
October 20, 2019 Reminders
NURSERY:  Lanny Haldeman
GREETERS: James & Julieta Parker
USHERS: Jim & Cindy Frale
LITURGIST: Denise Acee
COMMUNION PREP:  Martin  & Lori Kollman & Darlene Cook & Connie Geiman
REFRESHMENTS: Molly & Roger Hoey

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We request your prayers for the Family of Gayla and Joe Slausen they lost their oldest daughter and son-in-law in Rifle car accident.
Comfort and strength to Solveig Jacobson
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