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–  MTN SKY CONFERENCE-Focus Group Wide-Tuesday Nov 12, 3 :00 pm Want to know more? Open to all come and as questions. Please plan to attend
– UNITED METHODIST WOMEN- Thursday Nov 14, 9:30-12:00  Bethel
– MEN’S BREAKFAST-Friday Nov 15, 7:30 am-9:00 am Valley View Hospital Cafeteria
– YOU ARE INVITED -POTLUCK  Sunday Nov 17, 3:00-5:00 Bethel Hall-
– UNITED METHODIST WOMEN-Please join us to complete Memory Books- Tuesday, Nov 19, 9:30 am-3:00 Fellowship Hall
– CHURCH CONFERENCE-Wednesday -Dec 4, 2019  6:00 pm. United Methodist Women will provide Refreshments.

– PLEASE JOIN US-  Sunday Dec 22, after worship service to prepare peanut and butter sandwiches for the homeless..

 WE NEED SOMEONE IN THE NURSERY –  Due to Solveig’s fall, we need someone/people to care for the kids ages infant-4 years during worship services.  There is a signup sheet in back of the Sanctuary, or call or email the office, if you’re interested.  You don’t need to commit to the entire time, one week would be great!
 GIVE OUR CHILDREN A GIFT. Teach a lesson in Children’s Church. We will give you the curriculum. Gus and Asa will help to. Sign up in the back of the Sanctuary.
 UNITED METHODIST WOMEN-Collecting gently used men’s gloves and  new socks. Please drop off by coat rack.
 CHURCH in need of coffee mugs.Clean out cupboards and please bring  them in.
 MTN. SKY CONFERENCE-Focus Group District Wide-Tuesday Nov 12,3:00 pm Want to know more? Open to all come and ask questions. Please  plan to attend.
 UNITED METHODIST WOMEN-Thursday Nov 14, 9:30-12:00
 MEN’S BREAKFAST-Friday Nov 15, 7:30 am-9:00 am Valley View Hospital Cafeteria
  POTLUCK- Sunday Nov 17,  3:00-5:00 Bethel Hall-Along with a dish to share. Please bring something to assist homeless folks through the winter. Items needed are hand warmers, tooth brush/paste, small soap, blankets, gloves, socks. Items will be given to those who would benefit .
UNITED METHODIST WOMEN- Nov 19, Tuesday, 9:30-3:00 Fellowship Hall- Memory Books
 CHURCH CONFERENCE -Wednesday Dec 4, 2019-6:00pm Please make plans to attend. United Methodist Women will provide refreshments.
  SPECIAL THANK-YOU TO FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH FROM  Norma Lee Shelton for the beautiful bouquet of flowers.


I once had a guy tell me that, “… the worst thing that ever happened to Christianity was when Constantine made it legal.” (Historical note – Constantine didn’t, in fact, make Christianity legal. He was one of two Roman “deputy emperors” who issued an edict of toleration in 313 which ended the persecution of Christians.) I asked him what he meant by his comment. He went on to expound that up to that time Christianity had spread from person to person and house to house, gradually moving from the Palestine region throughout the area around the Mediterranean Sea. He said that when Christianity became “legal” it began to settle down and create churches and had lost its zeal for “spreading the word.”
I sort of mumbled something in return – because I hadn’t yet researched Constantine and the Roman history associated with the end of Christian persecutions – and went about my business. In retrospect, there’s much to be said for his claim.
A number of years ago I was reading a history of the Methodist religious tradition in the United States. The author made a statement like, “… the Methodist movement moved across the American landscape in small waves, each one washing just a bit farther inland.” Cool image! The author then wrote that Spirit-driven Methodism went from a “movement” to an “institution” with a steadily growing lack of interest in spiritual fervor. One further observation was that, like other religious movements before it, Methodism began the process of becoming less flexible and more rigid – less accepting of differences in people and demanding conformity of thought and even appearance.
As I read the book, I had to admit that the author made some very good points. They sort of agreed with the statements I noted at the start of this column. As we who call the United Methodist Church home ponder how we got to where we are … and where we are going as a denomination of unique individual churches, I think it would be good to ask ourselves, “How much of our ‘religious’ functioning is based on a restless stirring of the Holy Spirit, and how much is following the rules or doing what we’ve always done because it’s comfortable?”
In 2019 and beyond, people are so ‘hungry’ for a powerful spiritual experience that they are turning to whatever strange practice or claim happens to come along. Doubt me? Just take a look at all the TV programs and movies that feature an ‘unseen reality.’ Vampires, werewolves, witches (good or bad), angels, demons, etc … are all an attempt of the entertainment industry to tap into this incredible hunger! Americans are starving for something spiritual that is affirming and enlivening. Its rather sad that United Methodists have abandoned a Spirit-driven sharing of faith for comfort and slavishly following a tradition that dates back to “the good old days.”
Jesus Christ is the key. The Holy Spirit is the energy. Let’s unlock our hearts and minds and rediscover a “Methodist movement” that makes a difference.
See you in church.

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November 17,2019 Reminders
GREETERS: James & Julietta Parker
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CHILDREN’S CHURCH : Jessica Junker
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We request your prayers for the Family of Gayla and Joe Slausen they lost their oldest daughter and son-in law in Rifle car accident.
Comfort and strength to Solveig Jacobson
Prayers for strength and comfort for Peggy Fuller upon the passing of George Fuller.
Prayers for healing and strength for Brian Thomoff (friend of the Cooks)
Comfort and strength to Savannah (Marilyn’s grand daughter)
Traveling prayers for all those traveling to or from.
Baby Thoren Rhinehart and his family for comfort and faith dealing with his many ongoing health issues
Cayden Schaeffer and his family.
Stacie, Betty Patrick-Rubish’s daughter, who is having health issues
Cedric Talbert during his battle with leukemia
Individuals, family, and friends of our church family who are in need of healing and comfort from health and personal concerns
Victims, family, and friends of those affected by violence and terrorism
United States: West Side Community House, Cleveland Ohio
Democratic Republic of Congo. South Congo Annual Conference. Women’s Desk Coordinator: Jacquie Mujinga Kainda.
Thank you for lifting up those in prayer
God is at work because of it!
“The fervent prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  James 5:16b
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