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“By Our Actions, We will Share Christ’s Love!”

– FUMC “TOWN MEETING” #1 – Wed, Jan 27





Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life …”  John 14:6

Jesus said, “I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.”  John 18:37

Jesus talked about truth a lot. When he said something to people that he really wanted them to listen to, he would start out by saying, “I tell you the truth …” In the 1st century that was equivalent to one of us saying today, “Read my lips …” But, anybody who pays attention to human interaction and occurrences might very well feel the need to echo another Biblical usage of the word truth … “What is truth?” asked Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea. Pilate understood that truth can be very different depending upon your point of view.

We can tell the truth and get ourselves into trouble! Jesus did that in his hometown synagogue, (Luke 4:25-30) and created a huge uproar! Why? Because he spoke “the truth” that did not find agreement from the people who were listening. They reacted with outrage, and even tried to throw him off a cliff!

While we may say, “Tsk, tsk, tsk…” to those ignorant people, is our reaction any different when faced with an uncomfortable truth? Our first defense is to say that whoever speaks “the truth” which makes us angry must be telling a lie! Righteous Indignation rears up and says to us, “Smite the bugger! They’re lying about you!” At that point, we can either give in to Indignation’s urgings or, as painful as it is, ask ourselves if – from the ‘truth teller’s” perspective there might be something we need to hear and consider.

It’s always easier to get angry than become thoughtful. It’s easier to yell and stop listening than it is to hear unpleasant things that might, in some sense, be an uncomfortable “truth.” The fact is that Jesus offers the truth to everyone – and it is an uncomfortable truth. Jesus won’t let us hide in the shadows of word play; he won’t let us skate by with an excuse of being misunderstood or misled. When Jesus confronts us with the truth of our lives, it very often hurts. But, when that happens, what do we do with that truth?

When I hear something uncomfortable offered as “truth” I try to listen as though the person is telling me something I should know, but have missed. More often than I care to admit, their perspective contains some element of “truth” that causes me to reflect on my own fallibility and failings. When that happens, my challenge as a committed follower of Christ is not to let myself fall into a “poor pitiful me” frame of mind, but rather to open space in my heart and mind for the redeeming and healing power of Jesus Christ. When, however, the unpleasant “truth” that someone thinks they are imparting is, in fact, based on incomplete or incorrect information, my responsibility as a Christ-follower is different. In that case, I have the chance to suggest that there is another perspective for them to consider – one which contains information or experiences they might be unaware of.

Listening to others openly, thoughtfully, and grace-fully is one of the things that I believe Jesus wanted each person to do. We should hear the other, and consider their point of view – and be willing to either grow through introspection and spiritual healing or be willing to offer a different perspective, grounded in grace-full, truth-full discussion.

I’m not saying it’s easy. Righteous Indignation is always lurking just below the surface. However, I do believe it’s what Jesus Christ expects from us. The Apostle Paul may have described it best when he instructed us to “speak the truth in love.”

Jesus did it. So can we.

See you in Worship on Sunday,
Pastor Dave Lillie

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FUMC “TOWN MEETING” #1 – Beginning on Weds, January 27 and continuing on February 3 and 10 Dave will start a ZOOM meeting at 6:30 pm for anyone who wants to discuss the difficult questions about our faith … our nation … or anything else of general interest.   Your Zoom invite and a few general guidelines will be in Tuesday’s newsletter.

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Happy New year and blessings to everyone.
We interrupt the celebration of 2020’s demise by talking about the “business” side of church.
Short and sweet version – our budget requires $3,200 per week. Over the last two months we have been receiving $500 – 600 per week. While we have been able to pay all of our commitments, reserve depletion is a very real (and accelerating) problem!
I (Klaus, your favorite bean counter) and Rev. Carol and Dave are becoming a little … worried! Your faithfulness in giving has helped us through 10 months of “absentee church.” It appears that vaccines will end our isolation within a relatively short time. We’re all suffering from COVID fatigue and just want to get back to “the way it used to be.”
If you’ve forgotten to send in your contributions over the last month or so, please try to help us get “caught up” … the church’s mailing address is First UMC, P.O. Box 7, Glenwood Springs, CO  81602. Also, remember that we can sign you up for an electronic (automatic) contribution – on either the 1st or 15th of each month.
One or the other of us is also available to come to you and pick up your check – using a long stick with a basket on the end.
Let’s stay united in supporting our outreach ministries – because there is nothing sadder than a bean counter with no beans to count!
Blessings, and thanks (in advance) for your generosity,
Klaus Kocher (Treasurer)
Pastor Carol Lillie (Lead pastor)
Pastor Dave Lillie (Carol’s minion)

SPECIAL LADIES –  In the UMW meeting in December we honored Nancy Brooks, Roberta Turner Beattie, Lanny Halderman, Laurel Williams and Marilyn Wiggins with a Special Membership pin thanking them for their dedication to the Church and United Methodist Women.  The Ladies received their pins in January.  $40 each was sent through channels to help continue mission to women and children. Thank you ladies!

MEMORY BOOK MAKERS are in full swing (remotely) and ask that you consider donating to our supplies.  WE LOVE your old Christmas cards (actually any cards) and calendars and magazines.  We use the colorful pictures to make scrapbooks for memory care residents in care facilities and for individuals. Also, we can fill the small, pocket-size photo albums with pictures and individuals enjoy them.  In addition we use 3-ring notebooks and other photo books.  Items can be brought to the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Jodie is in the office (hours are listed near the end of the newsletter–please call first).  

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