– BIBLE STUDY – Tues, Jan 14

– MEN’S BREAKFAST – Fri, Jan 17

Hello Friends,
Our congregation is ALWAYS on the go.  When you travel, please save the individual use toiletries that hotels provide. Bring them to the office on Sunday mornings (or other times).  Rev. Carol will provide a collection bin.  Collected toiletry items will be offered to folks when 1st UMC GWS serves meals for Extended Table.  Please don’t leave donations in fellowship hall or any other area of the building.  Many thanks!  Pastor Carol Lillie
MENS’ BREAKFAST – join us for discussion and fellowship at the Valley View Hospital cafeteria at 7:30 a.m on Fri, Jan 17.

OOPS! HUMAN RELATIONS SPECIAL GIVING SUNDAY – Sun, Jan 19  I incorrectly said that last week was Human Relations Special Sunday–it’s this week!

We have been asked to love one another like members of our family. Knowing how hard this request would be, God sent Jesus to show us how. Jesus walked with those in the margins during his life and shared the message that everyone is valuable and loved. This is the message we celebrate on Human Relations Day

This Sunday United Methodists come together to help bridge the gap between church and community. We do this by participating in an offering set aside for Human Relations Day. For more than half a century, United Methodists have observed this church wide special Sunday in recognition of the message Jesus demonstrated during his life: every one of God’s children is important.

The Human Relations Day offering supports neighborhood ministries through Community Developers, community advocacy through United Methodist Voluntary Services and works with at-risk youth through the Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program. Such ministries give us the opportunity to walk in the margins and continue the work of Jesus.  Please prayerfully consider your donation to this special Special Sunday.

DESSERT AUCTION – The event you anxiously await each year will be held on Sun, Jan. 26 after the worship service.  Please bring your home baked desserts to be auctioned, and a snack to share with everyone while we are bidding. All proceeds will go to future mission trips.

Advice. Sometimes its great and other times … it can be stupid or a thinly veiled way to criticize. At the very least it often helps spur us to think in new ways and consider new perspectives.

The journey into ministry in the United Methodist tradition requires a lot of different steps, conversations, tests, etc … One of the most helpful things I did on my early journey was to seek out a long-time minister who was, at that time, leading the third largest congregation in the New Mexico Annual Conference.

We sat and talked a little, and I asked him a few general questions … since I really didn’t have much of an idea what to ask. As our visit was nearing an end, he said, “Can I give you a piece of advice?” (Are you kidding me? OF COURSE!!!) He continued, “Maybe the most important thing I can suggest is that when you make a mistake in front of people, learn to laugh about it. Because if you do they’ll laugh with you. If you try to act like you didn’t mess up, they’ll laugh at you in the parking lot.” This seems to echo what Jesus said in (John 8) that “the truth will set you free.” Laughing at ourselves frees us from wondering whether anybody realized that we screwed up … and our need to pretend that everything was perfect when we know it wasn’t!

After 28 years, I agree with him that it’s the most important thing I’ve ever been told about being in public speaking ministry. And, if you know me at all, you know I spend a LOT of time laughing at myself – because I screw up a lot. I think this piece of advice is a corollary to something that Carol and I both try to keep uppermost in out minds – “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” (Point of clarification – we both take our faith and the Good News of Jesus VERY SERIOUSLY … we just don’t take OURSELVES too seriously.)

You might have noticed, as I have, that the trend in our nation is for people to take themselves VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY. Their opinion and belief matters more than anything else in the world, and anyone who cannot be browbeaten into agreement becomes THE ENEMY! A lie is told, and when someone points out that, “The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!” the attack is on! How dare you say that! You’re obviously trying to attack The Emperor and besides that you’re unpatriotic! Off with your head!

Here’s a couple of suggestions for all of us … first, don’t take yourself so seriously. We are all, as the Apostle Paul said, destined to sin (separate ourselves from God) and fall short of the glory of God. One of the most toxic ways we can separate ourselves from God’ is through being egotistical. Believing ourselves to be the keepers of the one and only truth and attacking those who don’t agree is the worst kind of egotism. “I’m the ONLY ONE who knows. I come first before anything else!” Even before God …

Second, when you realize you’ve messed up (or when somebody points it out … hopefully gently … ) admit it and laugh about it. Join others in celebrating the fallibility that unites us all in our humanity – and reminds us over and over again that WE ARE NOT GOD or anywhere near perfect! Something tells me in the old story about the Emperor’s clothes, that despite bluster and accusation and denial of his nudity, in the end he sulked alone while everyone else laughed at his expense.

It’s so much better to laugh with others at ourselves … trust me, I know!

                                                        See you in church,
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January 19, 2020 Reminders
COMMUNION PREP:  Lori & Martin Kollman, Darlene Cook, Connie Geiman
GREETERS:  James and Julieta Parker

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LITURGIST:  Carol Dickson
REFRESHMENTS:  Karen, Grace, and Dewayne

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