A long time ago, I played on the sophomore basketball team at Manzano High School in Albuquerque. We had 12 guys on the team – 5 starters, 3 frequent substitutes, 2 infrequent substitutes, and 2 guys that hardly ever got into a game. I was one of those last 2 guys.
Being the last, (or next-to-last) player to get in created two huge sources of anxiety: 1) would I actually get in the game, and 2) if I did get in the game, would I be able to do something that would show up in the game statistics?
Fortunately, we had a great team, featuring 2 players would eventually be all-state (one of them was even an honorable mention high school All American). As a consequence, we often built up large enough leads so the coach felt comfortable “clearing the bench.” That eliminated the first source of anxiety …  I occasionally got to play! It also kicked in the second anxiety source … was there enough time left in the game for me to do something ‘stat-worthy’? Sometimes things worked out and I took a shot or committed a foul – even more rarely I made a shot or stole a pass. (If the truth be known, even committing a turnover was OK – it went into the books!) On those occasions, there was an almost tangible sense of relief! I had made it! In the stat book!
The desire to play is fairly obvious, enjoyment of the game coupled with hard work in practice … but why such a desire to do something that was recorded in the written statistics? (Lest you think I was alone in this, let me assure you otherwise. The last 4 guys off the bench all shared the same desire.) In retrospect, I think that drive to be “stat-worthy” is more a representation of a basic human need than some insecurity present in high school males. 
The basic human need I’m referring to is the need to feel that we are doing something with our lives that matters! We want to have an impact on our world. We want to do something that will leave a mark or a record of our ‘being’.
Thinking back, it was kind of silly to worry about being listed in the sophomore team stats … but living a life of meaning that makes a difference isn’t silly! So … how do we go about it? 
One way that people seem to try is by piling up a lot of money that they can leave to their children and grandchildren. The thinking seems to go like this: surely they will be grateful and remember the original money-earner fondly! And certainly they will spend it in an honorable way, in keeping with the earner’s wishes, right? Does the name “Paris Hilton” ring a bell? I wonder what the founder of the Hilton fortune would think of Paris and her exploits over the years?
Another way people can try to make their mark is by building monuments to themselves. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs did it, and all too often the next pharaoh had the builder’s name chiseled off the rock monuments and their own name put on! The classic Christmas movie, “The Bishop’s Wife” tells the story of a clergyman who loses sight of what really matters in his drive to build a great cathedral! In response to his prayer, God sends an angel who helps him recognize that buildings don’t help hungry people nor heal the sick.
In reality, the only way to make a mark on the world that will endure and make an ever greater impact is through acts of faith and by being part of a community of faith that is dedicated to changing the world for the better. Unfortunately, this is the part of the Christian faith that so many ‘believers’ fail to discover!
Too many of us come to church for a little ‘spiritual salve’ to soothe our worldly scrapes – and then go home thinking nothing more than about the next day or next week and getting back to ‘the grind’. It’s true that church exists to help heal our spiritual ‘injuries’ and give us hope, but the purpose of the healing and the hope is so that we can face the world with optimism and energy and passion! We were made by God to be people of consequence! For most of us, however, living life focusing only on our own ‘ouchies’ won’t make a difference in the world, and the hunger we have to be people of impact will continue to growl deep within our soul.
I invite you to consider where your ‘world changing’ place of impact will be. Don’t have one? Get involved! Whether it is through a church or in the community, do it because your faith matters to you and you want to matter in the world! 
Pastor Dave
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