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Hello Friends,

Professional ministry is an interesting way to make a living…I’ve been at it now for twenty one years (longer if you count my time as a licensed local pastor/student and erstwhile clergy spousal unit).  As clergy, after you’ve completed your schooling and “provisional work” (another 2-5 years of writing papers, supervision and various meetings), your professional life tends to develop a distinct rhythm.  It’s funny. Although preparing for weekly worship and the calendar of the church year are predictable, being a minister is FAR FROM an orderly existence!  Personally, there are times when I feel like a prairie dog:  dig, dig, dig, run…check the horizon, dig, sound the alarm, chew grass (a pre-COVID Methodist potluck perhaps?!) … dig, run, sound the ‘all clear, meet with fellow prairie dogs, dig, dig, dig’… dive into your burrow for a nap…repeat.

All pastors have weeks that are chaotic and filled with unexpected and un-planned-for duties or events. However, there IS one annual event that Methodists have been able to count on since 1784 — that’s Annual Conference! For those of you who are just learning “Methodist Speak” Annual Conference is a yearly meeting at which leaders (both laity and clergy) meet to do the “business” of the church. In my experience, it’s a unique combination of legislation (that’s sometimes tedious), spirituality (worship and teaching experiences where God breaks through in unexpected ways), and fellowship (a time to catch up with friends and colleagues). This pandemic year has altered the pattern drastically. Dates have been changed, EVERYTHING is being re-arranged: Zoomed, YouTubed, and now “HYBRID-ED”.  WHEW! It’s hard to keep up with!

2012 was a remarkable year for Dave and me.  We celebrated the birth of another grandchild (number two of what would become six joyful, wonderful kids),  Annual Conference was also a very different experience for us that year! In addition to the rather dull, (and thankfully predictable – I have a new appreciation for anything predictable after this last 13 months) … business items at the gathering, we had the profound and humbling experience of watching our son Bryson being consecrated and commissioned as a Provisional Elder in the United Methodist church. He becomes one of very, very few young adults who have chosen to dedicate their life to God through our church. The amazing thing to me is that he has chosen to do so, not out of idealism, but out of a profound sense of God’s restorative and transformative power. He has grown up watching Dave and I deal with the church’s ‘ugly underbelly’ – the arguments over unimportant matters, the focus on power and control instead of ministry, and the hurtful comments that can be too often heard in church – and yet has chosen to invest his future in the hopeful and miraculous expectation that God is still at work, and that the ultimate outcome will be wonder-full. Even more remarkable and miraculous to me is that Bryson is continuing to “walk the walk” – in the journey he started more than thirteen years ago.

Watching “my kid”, now grown into a centered, spiritual, “man of God” step up, take a leap of faith into the unknown was, for me, one of the most powerful spiritual experiences EVER! I am reminded that we are all called to the hopeful, the restorative, and the transformative side of God’s work. Far too often we become fearful, not understanding how God can possibly make things come out right, and we stray from trust and commitment into timidity and anxiety. It’s normal and natural to some extent to wonder and question how God’s work is going to be accomplished. At times like that, I recall that Jesus and the angels who preceded him often started a conversation with their listeners with the words, “Do not be afraid!” Jesus knew that faith journeys often stray into fearful territory!

We’re entering into a new era of outreach and service in our church. It is one that will require each of us to frequently recall Jesus’ words of reassurance – and to focus on the promise of the future rather than the comfort of the past. Watching our son take his first official steps into ministry was an awesome experience because faith in Jesus Christ has now been passed down through us (and even despite us in many cases!) and internalized with the Holy Spirit in ‘the next generation.’

I wonder – are we prepared to take the steps necessary to turn our church into an outpost of hope, reconciliation and revitalization for ‘the next generation?’ We can’t keep doing the same things in the same way – that obviously isn’t working! “Post COVID” – What is THAT going to look like for you? Our community? The church? We’ve been taking tiny, ‘baby steps’ trying to come up with ways to live stream worship as well as meet face to face. It’s a start, but there’s soooo much more work to do.  I don’t think we can just sit back and wait for “this” to pass either. We’ve got to work together to figure out our way forward from here.

I look forward to the future – admittedly with some trepidation. But I hear again the echo of Jesus’ words … “Don’t be afraid!” … and even more importantly …
 “I will be with you …” and somehow it all seems possible! We can do it! To quote one of my favorite inspirational theologians, Buzz Lightyear, “To Infinity and Beyond!” That’s where God is! And God is waiting for US!

Peace and blessings,

KNITTING MISSION GROUP GOES LIVE – Thurs, May 6, 2 pm  Yes, you heard it here first!  June Robinson will host, in a socially responsible manner, at her home this week.  Please join in this productve and fun group; if you don’t know how to knit, there are ladies willing to share their skills.  Please wear your mask so they don’t have to ask!

NO NEED TO RSVP FOR WORSHIP – We have had a nice group each Sunday in the Sanctuary but we still have plenty of space.  All are welcome!

OFFICE CLOSURE – Jodie and Arnie are hoping to again go camping/jeeping to Canyon Country in Utah (celebrating anniversary #42) and the office will be closed on Thurs, May 6 and Mon, May 10.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

WORSHIP INVITATION – Roaring Fork Methodists are inviting you to Worship via Zoom.  Please click on the link in the invitation below to join us.
Topic: Roaring Fork Worship
Time: May 9, 2021 09:45 am
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May 9 REMINDERS –  GREETERS: Lin and Joan Silvertooth
                                       USHERS:  Gary and Bonnie Broetzman

UMW MEETINGS will be live. The WiFi signal in Bethel is sketchy and Zoom will no longer be available.

The Executive Committee will meet at Elizabeth Pruett’s home at 1:00, Tues, May 11.
The general UMW meeting is scheduled for Thurs, May 13 at 9:30 (come early to visit.) 
Please wear a mask so we don’t have to ask; NO HUGGING PLEASE 

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