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“By Our Actions, We will Share Christ’s Love!”


I will admit to being a serious sports fan. Growing up I was fascinated by Major League Baseball, particularly the Cincinnati Reds. (I was born in Dayton, OH so even though we lived in Albuquerque, NM it felt like I had a hometown team.) During the late 1960’s and into the 70’s, the Big Red Machine was easy to root for. They were always in the National League pennant race … they had Johnny Bench … Pete Rose (pre-gambling scandal) … and a whole team full of guys who were outstanding as individuals and who, playing together, were truly great.

I also grew up rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. (Don’t judge me too harshly … the ONLY games broadcast in Albuquerque were Cowboys games.) Like the Reds in baseball, the Cowboys were easy to root for … they had a great team who made the playoffs EVERY year … and any number of standout individuals – one even had the last name Lilly. (OK, so it was spelled differently … ) Once again, when they played together as a team, something special could always happen.

Upon moving to the Denver area in 1991 I became much more interested in the Broncos. Lots of good teams and good results … once again sprinkled with truly outstanding (even Hall of Fame worthy) players.

What’s the common denominator? Maybe another way to ask the question is … of all the sports offerings on TV and in the news, why did I focus so intently on baseball and football? It’s simple, really … they truly are made up of TEAMS. (Pro basketball used to be that way … until some time in the 80’s when it became all about the chest-pounding, trash-talking superstars!) What I’ve admired more than anything else is how a group of people, working together can accomplish something that none of them could have done separately.

Within religious circles, the words church and team should be somewhat synonymous. A church MUST BE a group of people working together to make the world a better place consistent with the teachings and leadership of Jesus Christ. This requires an understanding of the shared goals and individual roles. Unfortunately, few church attenders know their church’s mission or vision. Equally unfortunately, many church attenders think that building the church through invitation and outreach is the pastor’s job … and the folks in the pews are present to ‘consume’ religious nourishment in the form of a sermon and sacred music.

Some things are certain about our world … it is dynamic … it is chaotic … and its not going to wait for any one person or institution to wake up before it (the world) moves on. The “change” train isn’t waiting for anyone … it’s moving on down the line.

Jesus was, paradoxically, on the frontline of change during his lifetime! We think of Christianity as steady, trustworthy, and above all, unchanging. Baloney! Jesus made it his mission to challenge the Jewish people (he was, after all, a Jew) to think of God in a new way. He elevated compassion above judgment … and shocked the people in power! He gave people a way to make the world better rather than just telling them to be patient and “hang on” until things got better. The history of Christianity from the earliest times was equally as dynamic and challenging.

What about us – Roaring Fork Methodists? Will we choose irrelevance and a slow disappearance? Or will we choose to follow Jesus by trusting that God has plans for us that transcend our fear … our weariness … our lack of vision and trust?

It feels so good to have the imminent threat of Covid behind us … but as it slowly fades we find ourselves right back where we were before the viral calamity. As we take that big sigh of relief … maybe go out to eat … or travel to see loved ones … let’s not forget that Jesus Christ is counting on us!

So, Roaring Fork Methodists … where should we go and what should we do?

Pastor Dave

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JUNE 13 REMINDERS –  GREETERS: Mary and Derron Cloud
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NEWS OF MARTY ENEWOLD – We wanted to let you know that Marty passed from this earth on Tuesday; she has been at E Dene Moore in Rifle since 2020.  Information about services will be forthcoming.

DING DONG THE MASK IS GONE for those who have been vaccinated and are over age 12 (this is straight from the Garfield Public Health Dept).  Many of us are relieved that Covid restrictions are easing and that includes FUMC.  Please continue to be socially responsible but feel free to smile, smile back, and be seen!!!
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