Who We Are

Welcome to First UMC in Glenwood Springs, CO!

We are a community of faith with deep roots in the Glenwood Springs community and the Roaring Fork River valley with a vital vision for both Glenwood Springs and our place in it. We believe that Jesus Christ calls us to work toward creating a community where love and respect for all people is the norm, and faith is a verb rather than a noun.

We celebrate weekly with challenging, Biblically based messages that respect our capacity to reason, and are enriched by our individual experiences. We believe that this is in keeping with the messages of Jesus, understanding that he came to inspire and energize people who had become complacent and downtrodden. We never belittle or criticize the beliefs of others; we offer no condemnation or judgment! We believe every person is a sacred child of God and is loved just as they are. We celebrate Christ’s presence through prayer, singing, and celebrating communion each week.

Our belief is that Biblically based religious beliefs and our ability to think and reason can exist side-by-side in harmony. Please feel free to contact me or my spouse and co-pastor, Pastor Dave Lillie, if you have any questions.

May God bless you on your journey to wholeness!

Pastor Carol Lillie